GhostSolo update (0.5.0) - February 2021

Membership updates, table of contents support and bug fixes for my Ghost theme "GhostSolo"

Luke Lowrey
Luke Lowrey
- 2 min read

GhostSolo is free and open-source Ghost blog theme. It is currently running on this blog. Find the latest information here or download the theme from Github.

A Ghost theme for solo bloggers. Contribute to lukencode/GhostSolo development by creating an account on GitHub.

Membership changes

Ghost has introduced a new way for blogs to implement membership which does not depend on the theme. I feel this is a much cleaner method than previously where themes had to implement individual membership pages and blogs had to write custom routes.yaml.

Portal signup form

Moving forward GhostSolo will only support using Portal for signups. This means the signup button from the header has been removed. The signup forms on the home page and footer however will stay.

Table of contents template

I have added a new post template to enable table of contents for longer posts. It will automatically look at the headings in your post and generate a table of contents on the right of the page.

To use the template, edit the settings of your post and look for templates.

Post settings

See this post for an example.

Other changes

  • Improved display of Ghost Editor elements - bookmarks in particular see the link at the top of the page for an example
  • Updated Bootstrap v5.0.0-beta1
  • Fixed issue where the post date did not display correctly
  • Fixed some display issues on smaller screens

Future plans

  • Add search functionality
  • Better documentation of theme usage
  • Better support for social networks

Let me know on twitter if you are using the theme or if you have any feedback.